Flores & Vegetais was established in 1990, the company provide a range of high quality products for hair and body care, all created with maximum percentage of natural elements.

I've helped Flores & Vegetais organize their brand architecture, brand identity and packaging. The identity has a strong typographic system, which brings to the packaging a modern and cohesive mood.
A manager’s best friend

The basis of any business ́s operations are its tasks. Runrun.it is a tool that helps companies coordinate the flow of tasks, setting priorities and organizing them by clients and projects.

Each task has its own “Timeline” which is where communication with other colleagues happens. In Runrun.it, each comment has a time limit of 15 minutes to be deleted, after that, it gets “saved forever” in the task. The same happens with attached files.

This mechanic makes Runrun.it an ideal tool for people to make decisions in a responsible and transparent fashion. It puts an end to the age old excuse that ‘’the email didn’t arrive’’ or that ‘’it was not exactly what was demanded or decided’’. It’s written easy to find, and made crystal clear.
Engegroup is one of the most qualified electrical engineering companies in Brazil. I had the challenge of redesign their entire visual/verbal identity, website, signage and some collateral materials. The custom logotype changed Helvetica Neue to represent connection that runs between cables and wires.  

Two years after Engegroup's branding launch, they received the Quality Award of Brazil. The award aims to distinguish and reward excel companies with excellent communication, high quality products or services and who effectively contribute to the socioeconomic development of Brazil.
KERO is the makeup artist Kerolaine Amorim. Based in São Paulo, Brazil, her experience include companies such as Elle, Vogue, Marisa, Harper's Bazaar, Hering, Saad among others

Kerolaine's mission is to highlight the beauty inside of us, in the way we feel good with ourselves. In order to express this value, I've developed the company name: "Kero" which in portuguese means "i want" and KERO stands for her nickname as well.

The slogan "Be whatever you want" is the reason for a dynamic logotype, working as a frame, the logotype represent the space where people are main performers. Considering people and their wishes as main focus, this identity stands for a neutral and simple look.
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Branding and mobile app for Skatebeting, a application that allows skaters and brands create their own competitions with their own rules.
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Digital publication for Runrun.it. Subject: Customer preserve for agencies.

I designed more than 150 pages including lots of illustrations, turns out that some designs I did for the ebook became Runrun.it collateral materials such as wallpapers, posters, stickers among others.
Chaleroide was established by João Baptista Deschamps and his wife Perla Deschamps in 1995. The company provide solutions for air conditioners. I've helped Chaleroide reach a new market strategic by redesign their visual identity which is now centered around classic typography and circle couple.

I've also designed a range of materials such as business card, posters, invites, stationery, and a iOS app which control the temperature of some air conditioners.
Founded in 2011 by Fabio Goto. 1579 Photo & Film offers high quality photo and movies production for weddings and parties. I've created the naming, verbal identity, visual identity and some collateral materials.

The dynamic identity synthesizes that each event covered by 1579 it's unique. A cordial and contemporary tone of voice were represented by two typefaces from different historical periods. Used by photographers, artists and film makers a finger frame was chosen to identify the company's segment, the finger frame is fully customizable, working as a graphic support element helping to create unique design.
Oi is the third largest telecommunications company in South America with over 60 million mobile customers. Oi had bought a company named Vex (the biggest provider of wi-fi in Brazil). My task was to create a brand and translate all Vex materials on Oi ones, following the global brand guidelines designed by Wolff Olins I created the Oi wifi identity. Weddings are expression of love, and for some an opportunity to create a real brand for themselves. Brazilian couple Stephanie & Rafael hired me to create the visual communication for their wedding. The entire design is meticulous detailed, from the typography to the way the design translates the bottle labels, gifts, invites and packaging.

I designed a separated visual guidelines as well as the main reference for the decorators create the atmosphere where the ceremony took place.
The hired process in Brazil it's so complex that companies needed an application to manage it up. Kenoby it's an application which offers this fully control of service level agreement. I've helped Kenoby reach their goals by redesign their brand identity, the new identity is dynamic and centered around a dots grid, these dots can be connected creating graphics that can be used as support elements for the identity. Estreita it's a typeface designed for personal use, the extra condensed style combined with weight variation between left and right stems gives Estreita a touch of elegance and disbalance at the same time.

Estreita supports latin basic, western european, central european and afrikkans, it was entire created using Glyphs App and available on request for personal use :)
Galeazi has the absolute leadership of the distribution of non-ferrous metals segment, trading more than 1,000 tons year. The new identity is driven by a dynamic symbol that represents tubes, the main company product. Brazil has one of the most car market sales on earth reaching about 3.498.811 million cars produced per year, none platform focus on cars trade, that's what Troca Auto™ does.

I've helped Troca Auto™ reach their goals by creating their brand identity ground up, The web app is centered around an extensive icon system, the icons are based on shapes and curves of Gotham. I designed a range of materials such as brochures, business card and presentations as well.
With more than 38 years of experience Central de Planejamento works with government constructions. I was hired to created a serie of posters in order to highlight and celebrate the 38 years of company's history. I traveled to four Brazilian cities and took pictures of their 10 first constructions. I was also responsible for the entire visual identity redesign - to be published soon.